Welcome back! This is going to be an epic rendition of my first food blog. Sadly, those posts are  gone forever. However now we can start fresh with new topics. Here I plan to take you with me through a journey. You will hopefully get culinary inspiration along with nutrition tricks. I will highlight planning, a skill I learned over the past few years. I will also talk about being a mom who is currently dealing with a picky five old who used to eat Anything! I’m a Gemini I couldn’t choose just one.

A recent concern about my overall health led me to make a huge decision in my life. Part of what you will read will be navigation of how three products have helped me reach my goal of improving my overall health. (Next blog post) Ever thought about becoming a vegetarian? Yeah, me too! Many of the recipes and thoughts I share will be vegetarian, although my daughter is a carnivore.

Hopefully, as I write and as you read we will enjoy each other’s short company and I will be able to inspire you to make moves that improve your health, wealth, and overall well-being. We should all be able to become financially free and build a legacy for ourselves and children. See you in a few days.

Be Blessed. .