My aunt was visiting, and for some reason she is obsessed with Vegan Carrot Cake. A few years ago we attended the Boston Vegetarian Food Festival that is held annually in October. I was so excited to try this Forks Over Knives recipe! Then we went to the store for the ingredients….she’s so damn picky. “I dont eat……(insert weird vegan ingredients here).” Also, I don’t care for Splet flour so scrap that. Came home and pulled out the mixer and a million bowls. Queue the mess.

What do you think is happening here?

I really need to remember to turn the mixer down when I start pouring the flour in. The flour quickly covers the sparkles in my counter top. Oh well. I shredded carrots and followed the recipe almost to a “T” I used regular all-purpose flour. Ugh, I didnt have any flax seeds! there goes my cake being Vegan…whoops. I had to use one egg. So does that make my cake vegetarian? You know since I messed up there..why not go to the next level. You see that frosting? Not frosting at all. straight no bake cheesecake and coolwhip. Shrug. I cant stop taste testing this…All I can think about is how yummy it will taste in the strawberries on the table, I digress.

yum, carrot cake!

I cant just leave this cheesecake plain right? I sprinkled some shredded coconut and crushed walnuts up as well. As if that was not enough, I decided to pull out my julienne tool and create carrot flowers. As you can see, I quickly became engrossed in decorating my cake. Feeling Good, like I should…Now my diet is ruined. I will eat cake for breakfast, lunch, dinner, adn dessert. Wouldn’t you? Four adults and one picky five year old really liked it. I think the recipe is a keeper, except I personally wouldnt use as much Nutmeg. This recipe was oil free as well as processed sugar free. I think that is a healthful win <3

Same People, different recipe.. Totally weird.