It’s Wellness Wednesday, I’m finally sitting down after attending a Life Coaching Zoom by Brenda’s Child. Whew Chiiiiiile, sometimes when you’re navaigating the uncertainess of life, the ups and downs, there is nothing better than a motivating Queen to make you sit your ass down and do some reflection. (Oh yea, I’ll probably swear on here every once and a while) This day was full of interesting tidbits that need to be journaled out, but let’s talk about the Wellness we all need to seek.

The year 2020 has been a supercoaster. There is no emotion that any of us have not gone through at this point of March the 125th. Honestly, I’ve been the laziest I’ve been in my 37 years of life, but August brought some changes. Late, but its better late than never right? I realize that there needs to be better focus on mind, body, and spirit. This month I’m trying to focus on self-discipline. The need to make an intentional move around Body.

When I say body, I mean get moving. I miss going to the gym way more than I thought I would. What even is this life? I bought a treadmill…..what an expensive dusty piece of furntiture! No but really, yesterday I opened up my planner and wrote out daily step goals to began to get moving. Next I am going to be focusing on nutrition and what that looks like. It’s 80% what you eat and 20% what you do. You’ve heard that right?

With nutrition, we sometimes need an extra boost. Right now the boost I found was in Tava. Tava is a new company that presents three awesome products that can help you to reach your goals. They have a Power pack where you get a liquid multivitamin, energy booster, and detox tea. Oh, but wait! They just realeased a new CBD infused coffee. Yass! This is about to be a great year for health and wellness and intentionally reaching goals.

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